Please Note: same day deliveries are available, these orders must be called in verses ordering online to ensure the order is delivered at the requested time.

 Future deliveries can be made at any time. Please note delivery time slots.The order can arrive a half an hour hour either way. Example. If you chose 4pm to 6pm. The delivery can arrive from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Free Deliveries are Sunday through Saturday 10am to 8pm.

 We do not deliver during state of emergencies. You will receive a phone call to reschedule.  Our business resides in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There will be an 8% sales tax added to the total of your order. Pictures are for illustration purposes only. In order to remain competitve, our purchased products may vary from order to order. Your items may not look like the picture, but the same quality is delivered. No certain kind is guaranteed. There will be 1 attempt made for delivery. If the package is deemed undeliverable to the participant the package will be left at the place of business. Residential delivery packages will be left at the resident for the recipient. If there is no answer. The package will be taken back and a $5.00 trip fee will be charged for the re-delivery of the package. Any delivery attempts that were made and unsuccessful will accompany a phone call to the client and recipient at the delivery attempt. Any phone calls that are unsuccessful about the delivery will be re-scheduled by a representative during the next business day. There will only be 2 delivery attempts made. If they are deemed unsuccessful. The money is surrendered to TFTH. All sales are final. No refunds available.



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